नर मादी ते स्त्री पुरुष: A Marathi book describing the biological and cultural evolution of relationships

मधुमेह: बिन साखरेची थिअरी. A Marathi book about the new interpretation of type 2 diabetes and its treatment. Published May 2022.


A marathi book that I wrote first in 1992 as a series of weekly articles got published as a book and received the Maharashtra State literature award of 1994. Second edition was published in 2004 and third in 2019.

रान वणवा

  • A collection of selected Marathi poems that I wrote between 1970s and 2015. Published in 2015.

आपली सृष्टी आपले धन -खंड पहिला

  • Marathi Encyclopedia of Nature, published in 1985.
  • Volume 1 covers the principles of natural history as a science and as a hobby.

आपली सृष्टी आपले धन -खंड दुसरा

  • Marathi Encyclopedia of Invertebrates and lower vertebrates of the Indian subcontinent.
  • A fully coloured account of animal diversity.

आपली सृष्टी आपले धन -खंड तिसरा

  • Marathi Encyclopedia of Birds of the Indian subcontinent.

आपली सृष्टी आपले धन -खंड चौथा

  • आपली सृष्टी आपले धन -खंड चौथा
  • Marathi Encyclopedia of mammals of the Indian subcontinent.

पक्ष्यांच्या गोष्टी

  • Collection of fictions around real birds.
  • First published in 1995.

काफ़िर का कलाम

Collection of Urdu Gazals that I wrote as an educational and psychological experiment, as well as a passion for poetry. Published 2015.

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