Work, Interests and Associations

BILD Clinic

Behavioural Intervention for Lifestyle Disorders.

Why type 2 diabetes is incurable: a new perspective
Diabetes is in the brain!

Does and to what extent insulin decide fasting glucose?!resources/does-and-to-what-extent-insulin-decides-the-fasting-glucose-levels

A clinic based on the principles of Evolutionary Medicine


Science Katta

  • A model of non-curricular science education that I have been practicing for over 25 years. See a video: YouTube

Wildlife, man in the wild

Exploration and search for novel insights into human wildlife interface.

Wood Art

A sporadically pursued interest in looking at the beauty of natural forms and its interpretation.


What is almost a past tense, I liked to sketch, not too often, mostly natural history illustrations, rarely some portraits.

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